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Northern Star Partners

Independent and active asset management in global markets

Our Funds

Our funds’ investment strategies are based on our business cycle analysis which we use for the dynamic allocation combined with growth themes in emerging markets.



Global Dynamic

Global Dynamic Opportunities 10+

  • The fund seeks a 10% annualized return in average over the period of a business cycle.
  • The fund invests in all asset classes globally with main focus in equities – the fund operates a dynamic allocation model.
  • Strategic allocation is based on business cycles – increasing investment risk in strong economic upcycles and shifting focus on capital preservation in economic downturns.
  • Tactical allocation and choosing the right investment instruments – supported by efficient execution and in-house proprietary research

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Northern Star Tactical Opportunites

  • The fund aims to generate 6 - 8% annual return over the business cycle
  • The fund invests in a diversified manner in a variety of markets worldwide and asset classes
  • Allocation is based on proprietary tactical analysis
  • The fund is only for professional and well-informed investors
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