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Northern Star Partners

Independent and active asset management in global markets

Northern Star Tactical Opportunities

Investment Objective

The fund aims to generate 6 - 8% annual return over the business cycle (3 - 7 years).

Investment Policy

To achieve this the fund invests in a diversified manner in a variety of markets worldwide and asset classes. The investment process of the fund is based on a proprietary tactical analysis. The fund uses dynamic investment approach where capital is allocated actively among asset classes and individual investments.  

Investment Team

Fund is managed by  Markku Malkamäki and Pertti Kilpeläinen

Important notice

Northern Star Tactical Opportunities fund is targeted to the professional and well-informed investors only and no registration or effort has been made in order to make the Fund available for distribution or sale to retail investors. 

Facts and Terms

The fund currently has three different share classes.

  • “A-Class” accumulating
  • “B-Class” accumulating
  • “D-Class” accumulating

Additional share classes may be introduced at the discretion of the Fund Manager should investor demand arouse for them, for example due to demands for share classes denominated in currency other than euro.

A classB class D class
Fund Structure

Luxemburg SIF

Luxemburg SIF Luxemburg SIF
Base Currency EUR EUR EUR
Fund Launch Date 04.07.2012 30.12.2013 15.04.2016



Monthly Monthly Monthly
NAV Calculation Monthly Monthly Monthly
Minimum Subscription EUR 3 000 000 EUR 200 000 EUR 30 000
Management Fee 0.35% 0.60% 1.5%
Performance Fee

10% over 4% hurdle rate p.a. with HWM

10% over 4% hurdle rate p.a. with HWM

15% over 4% hurdle rate p.a. with HWM

Subscription Fee - - -
Redemption Fee - - -

T-2 Subs / T+10 Reds

T-2 Subs / T+10 Reds

T-2 Subs / T+10 Reds

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How to subscribe

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